Best Pastries et al in Melbourne

I love food.  Think I've mentioned that before.  But I particularly love sweetie-treaties and am drawn like an ant to a splodge of brandied plum jam, to places that render them well.  And such a place is Baker D Chirico.  Their macaroons are truly splendid and their pastries light and crispy and full of good things like rhubarb and poached pear (and they're both fruits, so they've got to be good for you).

The slabs of chocolate nougat bounce with hazelnut-chocolatey gusto straight from the counter into your mouth before you've coaxed 'that will be all thanks' from your salivating mouth. But their masterpiece is the light-as-air baked sour cherry cheesecake which may well spend a lifetime on the hips, but will be worth every crease in your 'too tight' jeans in years to come.   Enjoy!
Another Great Place in Melbourne, brought to you by missy melbourne

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I love the Italian doughnuts...mmmmm....